A humanitarian is no more: President Kaunda

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It is correct to state that words cannot describe the impeccable value the Zambia’s political father figure, president Kenneth Kaunda, a true revolutionary had. Only poets could attempt to portray this sad story in poetic language. This is because of the magnanimity of the man he was not only in his Zambian native land, but in South Africa and throughout the African continent. The world is morning the loss of a champion of the people.

Former President Kenneth “KK” Kaunda, as he was affectionately known in South Africa, is synonymous with Africa’s liberation struggle. A man who led Zambia into its independence from the British colonial rule in 1964. He laid the foundation for which other African states could learn from.

Not only was he a friend of South Africa’s liberation struggle, he also housed military wings of the liberation movements. Opening the doors for the African National Congress (ANC) to operate its military wings in Zambia he showed in many ways that he was a pure Pan Africanist. It was not fashionable at the time to support South Africa’s liberation movements. But as a true African patriot, president Kaunda demonstrated to the world that apartheid was against humanity and had to be treated as such.

President Kaunda was quite ware that his political posture could lead the world super economies to economically sanction his Zambian country. However, because South Africa’s liberation struggle was for a worthy cause, this was the route he was prepared to take. Fortunately, through his leadership, many other African states allowed South Africa’s liberation movements to occupy their spaces.

Former president Kaunda leaves a huge void in world politics as his counsel would be solely missed. With the Corona Virus Disease wrecking-havoc across the world, his astute leadership would be solely missed.

President Kaunda was always visible when South Africa was rejoicing, he was also with the people of South Africa when mourning. A true comrade of former president Mandela. When SA inaugurated its presidents, President Kaunda would attend and when Madiba passed on in 2013, President Kaunda was one of the world leaders who attended the funeral. Together with other world leaders like former US president, Bill Clinton, and other world leaders, President Kaunda was a member of the club of the elders’ statesmen.

A true humanitarian, president Kaunda was the champion of a prolonged fight against the scourge of HIV/AIDS that tormented Africa and the world. His efforts helped to raise more awareness about safe healthy issues.

As the African phrase says, when an elderly person dies in Africa, so is the entire library. In this instance, the revolutionary memory is affected. The voice of reason is no more.

The Nelson Mandela Museum wishes to join the people of the world and extend its heartfelt condolences to the people of Zambia, the African continent as “KK” has done his part. He will be joining other African giants like Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, and array of other African heroes and heroines etc.