Nelson Mandela Museum Artefacts: Photograph- Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel

Madiba and Graca Machel Wooden Frame

Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel “Happiness Share It Together”. Nelson Mandela met Graca Machel shortly after his release from prison as the widow of former Mozambican president, Samora Machel. She was involved in the Mozambican liberation struggle and is known as an international advocate for woman and child rights. Graca Machel had also headed the first United Nations study on the impact of war on children. The couple got married on Nelson Mandela’s 80s birthday and their marriage was announced at his birthday celebration, which was attended by 2000 international guests[1]. Nelson Mandela and Graca has been together since their wedding in 18 July 1998 to 5 December 2013. (Date Accessed: 03/06/2019)