Happy Africa Day

Africa Day Image

Three Scarfs (Kente) in Ghana national flag colours- with the message: “To President Nelson Mandela – South Africa”, “From Gobah Tengey-Seddoh – Ghana”, and “Nelson Mandela- Ghana Says Congrats”.

Gobah Tengey-Seddoh is a family of weavers who have been in Kente weaving since 1821. 

Kente, also known as nwetom in Akan- Ghana, is a fabric worn by almost every Ghanaian tribe. It is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips made and native to the Akan ethnic group.

Fred Gobah Tengey-Seddoh, was once the managing director and the head of a family of twelve brothers and sisters- all Kente weavers who transformed the art into a business. 

After many years of a teaching career, Fred Gobah Tengey-Seddoh left in 1979 and took over full time weaving, marketing, lecturing and touring Africa, the USA, and South Africa, where he held exhibitions and lectured on the history of Kente weaving from the eleventh century to present. It is expected that between 1992 and 1999 he visited South Africa and gave the scarfs to then President Nelson Mandela as a gift.