Miscellaneous- Folktales and Legends from Africa: Accession No. NMC02590

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Miscellaneous- Folktales and legends from Africa, this is a collection of African Folktales from all over Africa (excluding the North African states of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco). The aim is to present a representative selection of stories, yet produce an attractive well illustrated book. From James Riordan. Stories includes: A Zulu song; Moombi’s Children; Tortoise and Elephant; The Coming of Night; Kwaku Ananse and the Python; GongKongGo; Children of the Wind; Tug-Of-War; There’s One Day for the Hungry; Orphan Boy; Loose Talk; The Ugly Girl; The Man Who Ate Ash; and Three Gifts from the Sky. Compiled for Nelson Mandela in 1986 by James Riordan.