Photograph-Album- Nelson Mandela Wearing WBC Belt: Accession No. NMC02585

Nelson Mandela with WBC belt

Photograph-Album, a picture of Nelson Mandela wearing the World Boxing Council (WBC) belt in March 1999. The WBC recognised Nelson Mandela as a historic, courageous and visionary leader with a passion for boxing and as an exemplary human being. The WBC Lifetime President and der friend of Mandela, Don Jose Sulaiman- named Mandela “king of Human Equality”. Don Jose fought against apartheid through banning all boxing activities and to and from South Africa in 1971. A move that swayed other sports bodies to ban South Africa from international sports activities and in 1985, the United Nations Security Council Committee recognised the WBC work towards ending apartheid in South Africa. In March 1999 Evander Holyfield fight Lennox Lewis on a fight billed “undisputed”