The Nelson Mandela Museum is involved in several strategic partnerships with other organisation and institutions.

Nelson Mandela Foundation and Apartheid Museum

The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Apartheid Museum and the Nelson Mandela Museum subscribe to project-based partnerships. This started in 2005 with the aim of producing an exhibition to commemorate 10 years of democracy. In 2006, preparations started to produce an exhibition, The Meaning of Mandela.

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Luthuli Museum

The Nelson Mandela Museum also has a project-specific partnership with the Luthuli Museum to create a joint exhibition reflecting on the lives of Chief Albert Luthuli and President Nelson Mandela. The exhibition, Mandela and Luthuli in Conversation, is currently on show at the museum. For more information, visit

Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture

The Nelson Mandela Museum enjoys a good working relationship with the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

Two critical programmes – Mandela Day and the Mandela Commemoration – are celebrated annually and remain the flagship programmes of this partnership.

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Michigan State University

The collaborative programme between the Michigan State University (MSU) Museum and the Nelson Mandela Museum advances the documentation, preservation, and interpretation of history and culture in post-apartheid South Africa. The programme springs from a history of the two museums working together and independently on similar activities and the desire of both institutions to work on new projects that further their respective missions. One such project was the co-development of the travelling exhibit, Dear Mr Mandela, Dear Mrs Parks: Children’s Letters, Global Lessons.

The Nelson Mandela Museum continues the promotion of South Africa’s effort in cultural heritage preservation and international/intercultural relations with countries like the United States, Germany and England. The MSU Museum is also an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, the world's largest museum and research complex, and programmes like NMM/MSUMGCFP connects with the US national and international initiatives in cultural heritage preservation. For more information visit the Michigan State University website.

Winchester University

The Nelson Mandela Museum and the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom have signed a partnership agreement that will see the two institutions collaborate on joint teaching and research activities and study visits, and launch an exchange programme.

This is a unique university in a sense that they are governed by a set of values just as it is the case with the Nelson Mandela Museum. These values resonate well with the Nelson Mandela Museum’s hence the partnership was inevitable. In 2018 the museum also partnered with this university to host a one-day conference which also formed part of the centennial celebrations. The CEO, Mr Bonke Tyhulu and the Collections and Conservation Manager, Ms Pumeza Mandela attended and presented papers. Over and above, Winchester University sends its Education and Film students to South Africa to do their practicals in local schools and the Nelson Mandela Museum becomes their home during that period.

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Freedom Park

The partnership between Freedom Park and the Nelson Mandela Museum started in 2016. The museum's website was completely overhauled, thanks to the partnership with Freedom Park.

Freedom Park and the Nelson Mandela Museum enjoy other elements of working together in other heritage-related matters.

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Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency

The Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency, affectionately referred to as the ECPTA, is a tourism arm of the Eastern Cape province. Its partnership with the museum ranges from community beneficiation initiatives, including continuous training of community guides, to sponsoring interpretative signage boards and marking significant spaces associated with Nelson Mandela.

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Anne Frank Haus

The museum has a partnership with the Anne Frank Haus in Lower Saxony, Germany.

This partnership is whereby the two countries collaborate in the German leadership programme. Lower Saxony has communities that have experienced discrimination just like South Africa has experienced apartheid. That similarity is what brought the two together. Each year learners from rural schools in different provinces of South Africa visit Germany to attend the leadership camps that empower them for the future.

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National Museums of Kenya

The Nelson Mandela Museum continues to extend Nelson Mandela’s legacy to other parts of the world. For instance, forming partnership with the National Museums of Kenya is at an advanced stage. This was initiated by collaborating with them in yet another conference aimed at celebrating Mandela’s centenary which took place in Nairobi in 2018. The museum was represented by the Council member and Chairperson of the Content Committee, Prof. Bheki Mngomezulu and the head of Heritage and Conservation, Ms Nelly Thwala. Prof Mngomezulu even conducted a lecture in Chuka University. He also launched a temporary exhibition that was developed specifically for the centenary. All this was followed by drafting an MoU to formalize the relationship.

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